I have known this beautiful young woman since she was born!  Actually Kaylee’s mom and I went to elementary school together, wow, now that was a long time ago, in fact we rode the same bus, haha!  That brings back a lot of memories!  Kaylee was such a cute little girl, but she has blossomed into a beautiful young woman!  Kaylee is graduating from Northwood High School in May and I know with her plans, she will go far in… Read more »

I have know Kaylin for the past three years now.  I met her when her dad was being called to be the pastor at our church in Shreveport.  We went out to dinner with her family and I instantly had a connection with Kaylin.  She was so sweet and pretty, and she kept the conversation going!  🙂  I love Kaylin and her family and am so glad that her dad was being called to be our pastor.  Kaylin has a… Read more »

If you live in Shreveport, Louisiana, then you know that our weather can be very unpredictable!  Well, for this amazing couple’s session, it was no different.  We already rescheduled once because of rain, so on the morning of our reschedule, when I woke up deathly ill, running fever, not being able to breathe, etc, I just could not reschedule again!  The Sun was supposed to be shinning and I just could not take that chance again.  I am still to… Read more »

These guys right here are my favorite people to work with ever!!  I love me some Megan and Jeff! 🙂  They contacted me about doing an engagement session and truthfully, I can’t remember if it was their idea or mine to do the shoot at the State Fair of Louisiana!  I remember I had mentioned wanting to do one on my Facebook page, but oh well, all I know is that we did it!!  From the moment I met these… Read more »

I was so excited when Meghan contacted me to do her engagement pictures!  As we were talking she told me that she wanted to do something a little different and asked if I’d be ok with that.  Lol, well, sure…maybe..depending on what it is.   No really, I was super excited when she told me that her fiancé was a Batman fanatic and wanted to incorporate that into her session.  So we did!  She told me they had capes and… Read more »

Chelsie is my beautiful daughter-n-law, married to my son Waylon.  She has a fabulous sense of fashion, and is going to school for hair and makeup!  She is super good at it too.  When she found out she was pregnant with her second child, my first grandson, she immediately started looking for a gunne sax dress and had a vision in mind for her maternity session.  She managed to find a dress at the fabulous Vessel Vintage in Shreveport and… Read more »