Children’s photography can be so much fun to do, especially when they are over two years old, haha.  This little girl is my favorite little human being in the world!  She is such a sweet, yet feisty little thing and has so much spunk and sass!  I love her so much!  Ella is my granddaughter and she just turned four years old.  I wanted to take her out and do some birthday pictures that were simple and sweet but showed… Read more »

This is my second time photographing Ms. Kylie!  I did Kylie’s 3 year birthday pics and now Kylie is turning four!  Kylie’s mom messaged me about her Birthday Pictures and asked if I had a flower swing.  At the time I did not, but I told her of course, I would make one!!  I had been wanting to do some flower swing pictures anyway and was happy to!  Kylie looked stunning in her beautiful dress from Bailey’s Blossom’s and I… Read more »