Shreveport Bossier High School seniors, listen up!!  I get asked all the time, “where is the best place to shop for my Senior Photography Portrait session”.  So I decided to write a little article on the matter.  In Shreveport, my number one place would have to be Altr’d State!  I absolutely love their clothing!  They have really cute clothes and most of the time they have really good sales.  When I did my daughter n law’s maternity session, we went to Altr’d State to look for a dress and their sales were 50% off of the already sale price!  Needless to say we found a dress for the very low price of $15.00! Here’s a picture of the dress below! Chelsiemat16

Very cute right?  That dress would have also looked great for Senior Portraits as it is not a maternity dress!    They also have amazing jewelry and hats which both are a plus to wear for your Senior Portrait Session!

There are many little boutiques in Shreveport and Bossier City that are also great places to shop! One I love is Glam Rus Boutique in Bossier City.  They have lots of the Southern Marsh T-shirts, which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend wearing for your Senior Session, but they are great T-shirts.  What I really like though are their awesome shoes!  They really have great shoes, haha, but they also have really cute dresses that would be great to wear for your senior portraits.  Simply Chic is another really great Boutique in Shreveport as well as Favorite Sisters Boutique.   And of course, you can not beat Charmin Charlie for all of your jewelry needs!  You can match any outfit at Charmin Charlie!  Just remember to try your best to layer your outfit, whether it be with layers of jewelry, cute jackets, or leggins, necklaces and boots, layering looks great in photos!!

If you need more advise specifically on what to wear for your Senior Photos, please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help you pick something out!!  🙂  I look forward to working with you guys!