I met Meagan and Myles at Newks in Shreveport one day.  I had seen a “tattoo” shoot done by a Houston photographer and just fell in love!  I wanted to do a shoot like that, with a couple with lots of tattoos.  The only problem was, I didn’t really know anyone with a lot of tattoos, I have family members with a few, but I wanted more!  Several weeks went by and I was in Newks one day with my mother and my sister and I noticed a beautiful couple sitting at one of the tables and lo and behold, they had tattoos!!  I immediately thought of the couple’s photo shoot I wanted to do and really wanted to approach them.  Only problem was, I had never approached anyone before and I was a little nervous, haha, to say the least.  I told my sister what I was planning and her exact words were “I dare you to approach them”!  Well that was it, that was all the courage I needed!  I asked and they accepted.

I had the perfect location picked out, even before I knew who I would be photographing!  I think we had several dates picked out that we had to cancel because of this crazy Shreveport Louisiana weather we’ve been having!  When I finally got to meet Meagan and Myles, I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to work with.  They had such sweet personalities and you could just tell they were very much in love.  Even after being together already for over eight years!  They have three children together and sometime in the near future I will be photographing their beautiful family.  To date this is one of my absolute favorite couple’s sessions that I have had and i would love to do more!

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